Hey everyone!  We are halfway through 30 days of running, hope it’s going well for you!  Oh and if you haven’t jumped in yet, it’s not too late to start.

I had to move “Far As You Can Go” to Sunday this week due to a super busy Saturday.  6 miles was this week’s goal, and I made it 6.3!  I am pretty exhausted but was really happy to beat last week’s record for miles.  Aside from a necessary break at the 3 mile mark to douse ourselves in Deet (don’t forget your bug spray for evening runs!), I didn’t stop, which is always my goal.  And it feels great to have run 10k, when a few months ago a 5k felt like an impossible task.

I took my fiance’s advice and downloaded a podcast of “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” to entertain and distract me during the run.  It worked really well, though I probably looked pretty funny blurting out the answers to Lightning Fill in Blank.  *Gasp* “Turkey!”  *pant pant* “Facebook!”  *wheeze* “M. Night Shyamalan!”

Have a great week!