Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We’ve had a few beautiful days this week, but somehow I haven’t been able to coincide my runs with the sunshine, so I’ve been running inside all week.

I did my Tuesday two miles at the Y.  Y’all know how much I love hill runs (is there an emoticon for sarcasm?), so I chose a rolling hill program on a treadmill for a little variety.

Tonight the wet weather forced me inside so I ran a couple of miles at Choice.  While running outside is my favorite, I really enjoy running around the track at Choice. Between high school tennis players, families frolicking in the pool, and recreational volleyball leaguers, there’s usually a lot to look at as I’m circling the track (Hey, I’ll take my distractions where I can get ‘em!).  Tonight we got to the gym 30 minutes before closing time, so the place was pretty empty.  On the bright side, I had the track almost all to myself!

What’s your favorite rainy-day alternative to an outside run?

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