Stormy Weather

I just finished my two Tuesday miles on the greenway and wow, the storm is really rolling in!  The weather started out steamy and sticky but started to cool down about halfway through.  On the bright side, the black skies and threat of being struck by lightning were good motivation to sprint the last quarter mile!

I’ve been neglecting the blog recently as I was out of town for a few days.  Some friends threw me a lovely bridal shower in the twin cities on Saturday:

Then on Monday, I was in Fargo for a dress fitting.  Sorry, no photos of that top-secret operation!

We didn’t get any running done over the weekend, but I must confess it wasn’t necessarily for lack of opportunity.  On the way home from the cities we stopped at Saint John’s University, as we’d heard it was a scenic place to take a driving break. We found a lovely trail that circled the serene Lake Sagatagen:

Being a Sunday during the summer, the campus was pretty quiet, so we basically had the trail to ourselves.  It would have made an absolutely beautiful run, but we forgot our running gear (D’OH!), so we walked it.

Have any recommendations for out of the way running trails?  Let us know in the comments!


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